Jazz Band

Cats Jazz Collective

Webster Groves High School

Katherine (vocals) is a self-taught vocalist and guitarist and currently receives jazz training in high school. She plans to attend college in New York City or Los Angeles to study music business.

Beckett (drums) has been playing drums for five years and receives lessons from Kevin Gianino. After high school he plans to attend college.

Audrey (bass) has been playing bass for six years and takes double bass lessons at Dave’s Guitar Loft and is in multiple jazz bands. After high school Audrey plans to go to a college with a good music program and become a teacher and a performing musician.

Evan (alto saxophone) has been playing multiple instruments since he was three years old and is self-taught and for the past three years he has been particularly interested in jazz. He would like to attend a music school in New York to attain a PhD in music and then teach at a conservatory.

Miles (keyboard) has been taking piano lessons from Carolbeth True for eleven years and jazz piano for four years. He has also been taking jazz trombone lessons from Michael Dease for the past six years. After high school Miles wants to attend a prestigious music school to play jazz professionally and wants to make an impact on the world musically.

Zach (trombone) has been playing trombone for seven years and has taken lessons with Wayne Coniglio and Michael Dease. After high school Zach plans to attend a university to study music performance and hopes to play professionally.

The Finalists

The St. Louis performing arts community boasts a wide range of talented students. Want to see who stood out as the best of the best?


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