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The annual St. Louis Teen Talent Competition provides high school students the opportunity to celebrate their passion, dedication, and love of the performing arts while competing for scholarships, cash prizes, to see their name in lights at the Fabulous Fox!

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Established in 1985, long before America’s Got Talent and American Idol, the St. Louis Teen Talent Competition was created to give high school student performers the opportunity to showcase their talents on stage at the Fabulous Fox. The program continued for two years and was resurrected in 2010, when Mary Strauss, co-founder of the Fox Performing Arts Charitable Foundation, established the St. Louis Teen Talent Competition as one of the marque programs for the Foundation.

This annual program recognizes and encourages student performers to compete in a talent category of their choice – dance, instrumentalist, vocalist, or specialty act, and a chance to work with theatre professionals throughout the competition.

Since its revival, thousands of student performers have competed for a chance to take center stage at the Fabulous Fox, with many Teen Talent Finalists securing career-advancing opportunities and attending prestigious performing arts universities.

The St. Louis Teen Talent Competition is produced by the Fox Performing Arts Charitable Foundation, a nonprofit organization with the mission of fostering, promoting, and encouraging young people in the St. Louis region to discover and participate in the joy and wonder of live performances. For more information about the Foundation and its programs, please visit FoxPACF.org.

Perform on the Fox’s Stage for a chance to win money!

The St. Louis Teen Talent Competition not only allows participants to perform live on the Fabulous Fox Theatre’s stage, but they will also have the chance to win some fantastic prizes. All contestants will have the opportunity to win college scholarships, cash awards, and other once-in-a-lifetime prizes.

1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place


Other Awards

With the help of our generous sponsors, we have also been able to offer teens unique opportunities, like studio recording sessions.

Audience Choice Award

Underwritten by Odile and Fred Tompkins

Dance Performance Award

Underwritten by Donald Jones and Pat Vogelsang DANCERS

Berges Classical Performance Award

Underwritten by the Berges family

“I” Award

Underwritten by Terry & Sally Schnuck for the most Imaginative, Inspired, and Inventive act

Cultural Expressions Award

Underwritten by anonymous

Kranzberg Vocal Performance Award

Underwritten by Ken & Nancy Kranzberg

Creative Impact Scholarship for Women

Underwritten by Danielle M. Durban and Capes Sokol Women's Initiative

MVP - Most Valuable Performer Award

Underwritten by the Board of the Fox Performing Arts Charitable Foundation

Poppy Award

Underwritten by Gupta-Trampe family

Saint Louis Recording Club Prize

Underwritten by Carl Nappa

Terry Lynford Classical Music Scholarship

Underwritten by Terry Lynford

Voss Family Originality Award

Underwritten by Tom & Carol Voss for the best original work in composition, writing, arranging or choreography

What to Expect

Entering the competition is simple and free to all high school-aged teens in the St. Louis Metro area. The St. Louis Teen Talent Competition is a great way to celebrate our arts community and promote opportunity! Are you ready to put your talents to the test?

2025 registration

You have the talent, and you have the drive. Are you ready to step into the spotlight for a chance to perform on the Fabulous Fox Theater stage? Registration for the 2025 competition opens in August!