2024 teen talent Finalists

For over a decade we have been wowed by the breadth of talent in the St. Louis community. We are constantly amazed by the technique, creativity, and stage presence that we have witnessed from instrumentalists, vocalists, dancers, acrobats; the list goes on and on. Our finalists represent the best the St. Louis high school performing arts community has to offer.

2024 College Scholarship and Cash Awards

1st Place $8,000 Scholarship

Molly Sallaberry
underwritten by Mary Strauss

2nd Place $6,000 Scholarship

Avery Payne & Rhythm Divine
underwritten by John Russell

3rd Place $4,000 Scholarship

Yrwin Batan
underwritten by Sally Johnson

Audience Choice Award $1,000 Scholarship

Molly Sallaberry
underwritten by  Odile and Fred Tompkins

MVP – Most Valuable Performer Award

Darrius Turner
underwritten by the Board of the Fox Performing Arts Charitable Foundation

Kranzberg Vocal Performance Award

Madison Cox
underwritten by Ken & Nancy Kranzberg

The “I” Award

True Colors – St. Louis Performance Academy
underwritten by Terry & Sally Schnuck for the most Imaginative, Inspired and Inventive act

Cultural Expressions Award

Drum Warrior Ensemble
underwritten by anonymous 

Poppy Award

Darrius Turner
underwritten by the Gupta-Trampe family to encourage the winner to continue their artistic journey delivering joy and happiness to others

Voss Family Originality Award

Ava Rhine
underwritten by Tom & Carol Voss for the best original work in composition, writing, arranging or choreography

Berges Classical Performance Award

Rhythm Divine
underwritten by James Berges & Elizabeth Mannen Berges

Dance Performance Award

Avery Payne & Rebecca Mooney
underwritten by Donald Jones & Pat Vogelsang

Terry Lynford Classical Music Scholarship

Yrwin Batan
underwritten by Terry Lynford

Creative Impact Scholarship for Young Women

Gabby Dumas
underwritten by Danielle M. Durban and Capes Sokol Women’s Initiative

St. Louis Recording Club Prize

Drum Warrior Ensemble
underwritten by the Carl Nappa

2024 Teen Talent finalists

Ava Rhine

Avery Payne

Darrius Turner

Drum Warrior Ensemble


Gabby Dumas

Hannah Joyner

Madison Cox

Molly Sallaberry

Rebecca Mooney

Rhoda Mapenzi

Rhythm Divine

True Colors

Yrwin Batan

vocal ensemble

We are so excited to introduce a new component to the competition, the Teen Talent Vocal Ensemble! Congratulations to the vocalists that will make up the first ever ensemble to perform on the Fox stage at the 2024 Finals on March 24, 2024! 

2025 registration

You have the talent, and you have the drive. Are you ready to step into the spotlight for a chance to perform on the Fabulous Fox Theater stage? Registration for the 2025 competition opens in August!