Drum Warriors Ensemble

Grand Center Arts Academy
Collegiate School of Medicine and Bio Science
Clayton High School
Carnahan High School

Solomon and Corrin have been drumming for six years and Ismail and Addison have both been drumming for eleven years. This team of young men have been friends since meeting in summer camp more than ten years ago. Training under Vivian Watt, Edward Brown, the late Baba Dhati Kennedy and supported by Miranda Walker Jones and the Little Bit Foundation, DWE has performed for Festival of Nations, International Festival of Nations, Black Dance USA, Muny Community Presentations, African Arts Festival, Maplewood Arts Fair and much more. They are each an entrepreneur in their own rights and look forward to bright futures in their chosen genres from business, arts, technology and sports. The young men would like to dedicate their performance in memory of Baba Gary “Dhati” Kennedy.

The Finalists

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